Hello all!


As anyone who has been staying at Iron Springs knows, the MONSOON is back this summer! Hooray!!! 


Unfortunately, there has also been a significant resurgence of Covid 19 in recent weeks, thanks to the nasty delta variant. I am personally a big believer in the vaccine and masks although I know many in camp do not share my opinion which I totally respect. As I’m sure you have heard or read, apparently the delta variant is not only far more contagious, but also appears to affect children in much, much greater numbers than the original strain of Covid. Because our youngest Iron Springers don’t have the option of being vaccinated, the Board is requesting that all people entering the store wear a mask to help protect our kids and grandkids.


I have purchased some disposable masks in both children and adult sizes which I am delivering to the store this weekend. If you get to the store and realize you have forgotten your mask (or more important, if your kids do in their never ending visits to the much beloved candy counter), please feel free to help yourselves to one of the masks at the counter.


We thank you for your continued patronage of the Iron Springs store and hope we can count on you to help protect the kids.


Hope to see you all again soon!


Wendy Marshall,

For the Board

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